$54 Scorpion Double Knee LG 13" (EA) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,LG,aerotronic.com.br,/lesion1844059.html,$54,(EA),13",Double,Scorpion,Knee $54 Scorpion Double Knee LG 13" (EA) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Limited Special Price Scorpion Double Knee 13" LG EA Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,LG,aerotronic.com.br,/lesion1844059.html,$54,(EA),13",Double,Scorpion,Knee Limited Special Price Scorpion Double Knee 13" LG EA

Limited Special Price Scorpion Double Knee 13

Scorpion Double Knee LG 13" (EA)


Scorpion Double Knee LG 13" (EA)

Product description

The contoured knee cap of the Schutt Sports air Maxx Scorpion double flex leg guard gives you a flatter, more stable landing area along with more coverage for the inside of the knee when dropping to block balls. They are ideal for Youth players, a new design gives additional protection to your ankles, with side padding built right in.

Scorpion Double Knee LG 13" (EA)

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