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Doshisha CALDO-Colors Colors cardo 2WAY Ranking TOP18 600ml Discount is also underway pand Kids bottle

Doshisha CALDO-Colors (Colors cardo) 2WAY Kids 600ml bottle pand


Doshisha CALDO-Colors (Colors cardo) 2WAY Kids 600ml bottle pand

Product description

◆ I am reliable to carry if clean ◆ DIRECT type lock function locks easy to wash cups with easy to clean and easy to drink simple open ◆ CUP type CUP type spout 2WAY, in the DIRECT type one-touch, water inlet, so take / ■ ■ Specification effective thermal insulation about 0.415kg (6 hours / 24 hours): color: Panda capacity: 0.6L body size (about) weight: 20.1cm height 10.1 × diameter more than 72 ℃ / 42 ℃ or more cold insulation effect (6 hours): 9 ℃ caliber following: about 4.7cm /

Doshisha CALDO-Colors (Colors cardo) 2WAY Kids 600ml bottle pand

Improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge

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