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Naturalizer Women's Florence Slip-ons Loafer

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Naturalizer Women's Florence Slip-ons Loafer

IvyWise is the world’s premier educational consultancy with over 300 years of admissions experience. Learn how we can help you get into your best-fit schools.


Now More Than Ever, IvyWise Is Your Trusted Guide

See how IvyWise can help you reach your admissions goals.


College Admissions Counseling

We offer college counseling services to help families navigate the selective admissions process.



Services for K-8 students to help families in the foundational years of your student’s education.


Graduate Admissions Counseling

We help students get into their best-fit graduate programs through our proven methodology.



IvyWise Live Webinar Series

IvyWise college admissions counselors bring expert knowledge to a variety of audiences.


Just Admit It! Podcast

Everything you need to know about admissions is here! The Just Admit It! podcast features the latest higher ed news and tips from our expert counselors.


IvyWise KnowledgeBase

The most current information about the college admissions process and free resources for applying to college.



IvyWise helps students get into the best-fit schools for them.

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Our unique holistic approach and our team of expert counselors provides an unparalleled, personalized service.

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IvyWise produces proven results and helps students realize their potential and achieve their goals.

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In 2021, 91% of IvyWise students were accepted into one or more of their three, top-choice schools.

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What Parents Say:

“We have been delighted with our experience with IvyWise. The IvyWise team is dedicated to helping students make the most effective and authentic presentation through their applications.”

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What Students Say:

“My counselor helped me so much during the college application process. She helped me find the appropriate programs and schools that were right for me. She was the most helpful for my essays and helping me explain and understand why I wanted to study what I did.”

Student, California – Accepted to Boston University, Accelerated Medical Program

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You Can Get Involved and Volunteer Without Leaving Your Living Room Volunteering is a meaningful opportunity for students to give back to their local communities, expand their horizons, and learn new skills.

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How to Address COVID-19 on College Applications

Learn About the Common App’s COVID-19 Question COVID-19 has impacted just about every element of students’ college prep and the college application process is no exception.

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Yield Rates for the Class of 2025

After many colleges reported all-time low acceptance rates, some students might be curious about their yield rates, or just how many of these admitted applicants have chosen to enroll.

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