100% quality warranty! AIDER Compression Knee Brace Type 3 - Adjustable Arthritis Knee,3,AIDER,Type,Adjustable,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Compression,/durometer1831101.html,$42,Arthritis,,Brace,Knee,aerotronic.com.br,- $42 AIDER Compression Knee Brace Type 3 - Knee Arthritis, Adjustable Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Knee,3,AIDER,Type,Adjustable,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Compression,/durometer1831101.html,$42,Arthritis,,Brace,Knee,aerotronic.com.br,- 100% quality warranty! AIDER Compression Knee Brace Type 3 - Adjustable Arthritis $42 AIDER Compression Knee Brace Type 3 - Knee Arthritis, Adjustable Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment

100% SALENEW very popular! quality warranty AIDER Compression Knee Brace Type 3 - Adjustable Arthritis

AIDER Compression Knee Brace Type 3 - Knee Arthritis, Adjustable


AIDER Compression Knee Brace Type 3 - Knee Arthritis, Adjustable

Product description


By 3-Point Localization Method, it can relieve pain, and correct bowleg.
To correct bowleg, 3-Point Localization Method is effective.
So, AIDER’s knee support is designed to press those points.
If you apply left support to right leg, it is intended genu valgum.
For genu varum (bowleg) users please apply the same direction.
For genu valgum users, please apply opposite direction.
It is designed for both.
Special support fixture and anti-slipping silicone
Newly designed knee support fixture gives you stability as well as flexibility.
Also anti-slipping silicone is minimizing slipping.

Applied high quality material for better feeling and functioning
There are a lot of requirements in such a small support.
Some users could be grazed by Velcro or damaged by product.
If you wear it for long time, it is also easy to sweat or make prickly heat.
AIDER always tries to apply better material and reduce side-effects by material.
☞Air prene, Power net, 38mm, Elastic rubber band, Spandex, Magic Velcro, anti-slipping silicone are applied.

Please be noted.
We have five-type-knee supports.
Type 1, 4 - Supporting ACL
Type 2 - Giving pressure
Type 3 - Correction of bowleg or genu valgum, Giving stability to arthritis patients
Type 5 - Supporting PCL

  • Fits knees 15.5"-20.8" in circumference for Free size
  • Fits knees 21.25 inch ~ 24.8 inch in circumference for Large size

  • Product Description

    Knee Brace 2 Knee Brace Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6
    Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6

    AIDER Compression Knee Brace Type 3 - Knee Arthritis, Adjustable

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