Set,Core,Commando,Colours),-,Stick,Fiber,with,Pro,,(6,/crare1843933.html,Grip,Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys,$22,Flower Virginia Beach Mall Pro Commando Flower Stick Set 6 Fiber - Core Colours Grip with $22 Pro Commando Flower Stick Set (6 Colours) - Fiber Core with Grip Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys $22 Pro Commando Flower Stick Set (6 Colours) - Fiber Core with Grip Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys Virginia Beach Mall Pro Commando Flower Stick Set 6 Fiber - Core Colours Grip with Set,Core,Commando,Colours),-,Stick,Fiber,with,Pro,,(6,/crare1843933.html,Grip,Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys,$22,Flower

Virginia Beach Mall Pro Commando Flower New sales Stick Set 6 Fiber - Core Colours Grip with

Pro Commando Flower Stick Set (6 Colours) - Fiber Core with Grip


Pro Commando Flower Stick Set (6 Colours) - Fiber Core with Grip

Product description

Here we have our new fantastic Camo design of fiberglass Flower Sticks! With an ultra-grippy silicone coating, real suede tassles, and a unique combat design! Built for extreme durability, the shatter-resistant shaft of these flower sticks is made from solid fiberglass that gives the stick some flex and incredible strength! Finally, a stick that you can rely on! The fantastic camo colours will set this stick apart from all others, and looks great when played with outside. Get yours today!

The body of the flower stick and the wooden hand sticks are dressed with a black and colored camouflage design tape. This quality tape design will not fade as other cheaper brands tend to do after a while. For a complete protection of the camo design and the best grip possible, a silicone coating of 2 mm thickness covers both the main stick, and the control sticks. The colour-matched suede tassels are equally weighted on each side for a perfect overall balance, and great mid-air control.

Tip: Wipe the flower stick and handsticks down by hand with a damp cloth, then dry them quickly for optimium grip! The hand sticks are finished with black rubber ends. The set includes a small strap to keep the sticks together. Commando Flower Sticks: Length: 65cm Weight: 190g. Hand sticks: 40cm, 85g each. The set comes in a handy drawstring bag with a net design. The perfect juggling stick set for everyone in our opinion!

Price is for ONE Flowerstick and Handstick combo

Visit our Flames n Games Amazon store for the full range of available Flower Sticks and Accessories, as well as the wide selection of other circus art toys, juggling and fire spinning equipment such as juggling balls, hula hoops, yoyos, poi, jugglers, slacklines, sticks, flower sticks, devil sticks and so much more!

Pro Commando Flower Stick Set (6 Colours) - Fiber Core with Grip

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