,Airflow,Automotive , Replacement Parts,(MAFS),/baun53698.html,$56,Cardone,Sensor,Mass,Remanufactured,74-10114,Airflow,Automotive , Replacement Parts,(MAFS),/baun53698.html,$56,Cardone,Sensor,Mass,Remanufactured,74-10114 $56 Cardone 74-10114 Remanufactured Mass Airflow Sensor (MAFS) Automotive Replacement Parts Cardone 74-10114 Remanufactured Mass MAFS New item Sensor Airflow $56 Cardone 74-10114 Remanufactured Mass Airflow Sensor (MAFS) Automotive Replacement Parts Cardone 74-10114 Remanufactured Mass MAFS New item Sensor Airflow

Dedication Cardone 74-10114 Remanufactured Mass MAFS New item Sensor Airflow

Cardone 74-10114 Remanufactured Mass Airflow Sensor (MAFS)


Cardone 74-10114 Remanufactured Mass Airflow Sensor (MAFS)

Product description

CARDONE Remanufactured Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAFS) precisely track O.E. output curves and maintain specific tolerances to ensure accurate scan tool readings for proper operation. 100% re-soldering of critical components ensures superior electrical connections, eliminates intermittent failures and lengthens product life. With CARDONE Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAFS), you can expect smooth vehicle performance.

From the manufacturer

Cardone 74-10114 Remanufactured Mass Airflow Sensor (MAFS)


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Future Travel Experience Global

ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

7-9 Dec 2021, Las Vegas

Where the world's most progressive travel facilitators define tomorrow’s end-to-end passenger experience

Future Travel Experience Ancillary

7-9 June 2022, Dublin

Empowering the airline sector to profit from collaborative digital retailing opportunities at every step of the journey


7-9 June 2022, Dublin

A gathering of air transport’s digital and innovation leaders, creative designers and progressive minds who will inspire one another and reimagine travel together.

Future Travel Experience APEX Asia EXPO

9-10 Nov 2022, Singapore

Connecting vendors with airline and airport executives to transform tomorrow’s end-to-end passenger journey across Asia-Pacific

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