$53,All,6,Formal,Boys,Piece,Italian,One,in,Design,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Boys,Wed,Suits,Cocktail,/antifire53443.html,aerotronic.com.br Cocktail Italian Design All in One Wed Suits SALENEW very popular! 6 Boys Piece Formal $53 Cocktail Italian Design All in One Boys Suits 6 Piece Formal Wed Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Boys $53,All,6,Formal,Boys,Piece,Italian,One,in,Design,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Boys,Wed,Suits,Cocktail,/antifire53443.html,aerotronic.com.br Cocktail Italian Design All in One Wed Suits SALENEW very popular! 6 Boys Piece Formal $53 Cocktail Italian Design All in One Boys Suits 6 Piece Formal Wed Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Boys

Cocktail Italian Design All in One Wed Suits SALENEW very popular 6 Boys Piece Formal Ultra-Cheap Deals

Cocktail Italian Design All in One Boys Suits 6 Piece Formal Wed


Cocktail Italian Design All in One Boys Suits 6 Piece Formal Wed

Product description

The set includes everything a boy needs to look his most dignified. It includes a jacket and trousers, a classic Italian collar shirt, a formal waistcoat, full length satin polyester slim tie with matching handkerchief. This six piece boys suit set is a convenient alternative to having to shop around for each garment. The fully lined, notch-lapel jacket has a classic two button single-breasted front while the trousers have a half elasticated waist for all sizes to ensure a good fit even as your child grows. Please view size chart for the best fit before purchase has been made.

Designer: Paul Andrew - Cocktail

Material Composition: 60% Polyester, 40% Viscose
Lining Material: 100% Polyester
Care: Dry Clean Only

Blazer Jacket:
Handkerchief pocket
Two front jetted pockets
One inside pocket
Two vents on the back
Double front button fastening
Triple sleeve cuff buttons
Matching coloured lining

Four front buttons
Two front jetted pockets
Matching coloured lining

Belt loops
Button closure with zip fastening closing
Single front pleat
Straight bottom, no turn up
One back pocket with button

Composition: 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester
Classic collar Button down
Double button cuff

Tie and hanky :
Satin slim tie
Full length 110 cm long
Matching hanky

Cocktail Italian Design All in One Boys Suits 6 Piece Formal Wed

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