Bomb,Twist,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Crochet,,Hair,Pre,$25,Hair,B,Braiding,Looped,/anacardic1844122.html,Twist,Passion $25 Bomb Twist Passion Twist Hair Crochet Braiding Hair Pre Looped B Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $25 Bomb Twist Passion Twist Hair Crochet Braiding Hair Pre Looped B Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Bomb,Twist,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Crochet,,Hair,Pre,$25,Hair,B,Braiding,Looped,/anacardic1844122.html,Twist,Passion Bomb Twist Passion Hair Soldering Crochet Pre Braiding Looped B Bomb Twist Passion Hair Soldering Crochet Pre Braiding Looped B

Bomb Twist Passion Hair Translated Soldering Crochet Pre Braiding Looped B

Bomb Twist Passion Twist Hair Crochet Braiding Hair Pre Looped B


Bomb Twist Passion Twist Hair Crochet Braiding Hair Pre Looped B

Product Description


Hair Name: Passion Twist Crochet Hair, Water Wave Crochet Hair for Passion Twist

Hair Material: Kanekalon Hair Extensions, Low Temperature Fiber, Hot Water Setting

Hair Length: 18 inch

Hair Weight: 80g/pack

Colors: 1B, T27, T30, TBug, 4#,27#,30#, Bug#,613#

Hair Quality: Bouncy and Natural, Easy to Braid and Take Care of, Smooth And Lightweight, No Tangle, No Shedding

Bomb Twist Passion Twist Hair Crochet Braiding Hair Pre Looped B

Scientific literature – Longevity

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